Accelerated Mobile Pages

Googles Next Mobile Move

Get ready to start learning a new buzzword.  Its AMP.  AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and Google is set to start lowering the mobile rankings of websites that don't utilize AMP.  That doesn't mean moving away from your favourite Joomla or Wordpress website platform.  AMP pages are in addition to your current website pages, not replacements for.

OK, so what the are Accelerated Mobile Pages and why is Google messing with our heads again?

First a bit of history then we'll come back to Accelerated Mobile Pages.  In 2008 the first attempts at responsive web design started to appear.  Responsive meaning that the website rearranged itself to better display on the small screens on mobile devices.  But that was 2008 and no-one really cared because no-one used a mobile device to access the internet! Seriously, it was 2008, most of us still had a Nokia.  By 2011 though, the number of people accessing the web on mobiles began to be significant. Since 2012 Websites With Purpose has always made sites responsive by default although most web developers were much slower to get on board. 

WJoomla Accelerated Mobile Pagese are now seeing that 65% to 75% of searches on our clients sites are on mobile devices and at Websites With Purpose we design websites for mobiles first while keeping them PC compatible, rather than the other way round. 

For the last couple of years Google has been penalising rankings of websites that are not mobile compatible and "Responsive Design" has become the standard method of making a websites mobile compatible.

Whats Wrong With Responsive Websites?

Responsive design is an awesome start to a great mobile website.  Unfortunately a lot of lazy website developers decided that all they needed to do to make websites mobile compatible was to use a responsive template and still serve up the same heavy content that is painfully slow on mobiles.  Google responded by increasing the importance of page speed in ranking criteria, and pioneered Accelerated Mobile Pages (see, we did get back here!).

So what are Accelerated Mobile Pages?  AMP is a set of design criteria that strips back the HTML, Javascript and CSS of modern websites to the bare minimum to display content on a mobile device.  The result is lightning fast loading pages on your phone, but at the expense of the fancy functionality we have become used to.  Why?  Because people don't want to wait 20 seconds for a page to load only to find it is not the content they were looking for. 

Think of AMP as a kind of "quick preview page" for your website.  It loads super fast, contains only text and one or two images and a menu that users can use to navigate to more complex functionality rich pages. Shopping Carts, Booking forms etc not allowed in an AMP page but you can use it as a stepping stone to get to those page.

Google has signalled that in the near future websites that don't utilise AMP will be penalised in mobile rankings. 

At Websites With Purpose we have made the decision to again lead the industry and that AMP will be included by default in every new website we build, just as we did with Responsive technology back in 2012.  We are also able to "retro fit" AMP to existing Joomla and Wordpress websites.

What does this mean for your existing website?  No doubt a lot of unscrupulous developers will be using scare tactics to get people to pay to completely rebuild perfectly good websites.  That isn't necessary.  If you have a Joomla or Wordpress website AMP can be added in a few hours. 

To get a quote on adding Accelerated Mobile Pages to your site before the Google penalties hit you can call
Rod on 0414 909 759 or email us.

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