30000 Websites Are Hacked Every Day

80% of Wordpress and Joomla Sites Are At Risk

website monitoringLets face it.  Keeping your Joomla or Wordpress website platform software and extensions up to date is a pain.  You need to be checking your website daily for security patches and version releases and who has time for that?

We can monitor and update your website so you can focus on your business!

Joomla and Wordpress are both highly secure platforms because they both have teams of developers constantly testing and releasing security patches to fight off the latest threats.  Here is the problem.  Every time a security patch is released, hackers will immediately reverse engineer the patch to find out what the patch protects against.  With this information they are able to hack websites that don't yet have the update.

This means that every time a security patch is released your website is at a hightened risk until it is updated.  It means that to be secure you need to be constantly monitoring your website.

We understand that if you are running a business you don't have the time and resources to do this, so we have invested in the best site monitoring infrastructure so that we can have your site up to date all the time.

Our site maintenance service includes:

  • Full time monitoring for new releases of your Joomla or Wordpress platform
  • Full time monitoring for new releases of your website extensions
  • Malware and anti virus monitoring
  • Off server backups

Imagine what a hacked website could do to your business, not just in lost sales but also in reputation!  A website that is offline for just a few days can lose its hard earned Google rankings.

You can protect your business against this risk for an investment from just $52 per month (and that's Aussie dollars!)..

Every minute you think about it, your site stays at risk.  Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do You Have The Time To Check And Update Your Website Every day?
  • Can You Afford To Rebuild Your Website Today If It Gets Hacked?
  • What Would It Cost Your Business If Your Website Was Offline For A Couple Of Weeks While It Is Rebuilt?

Call us today on 0414 909 759 and we will show you how easy it is to get peace of mind.



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