Joomla - Voted Best Again In 2017

Joomla Voted Best Free CMS 2017

In 2005 I went in search of a self edit website platform.  Something that would allow small business owners to edit their own website without having to learn HTML.  I found the newly launched Joomla content management system which was the best cms available then.  In fairness the total CMS market in 2005 was probably no more than two or three products.  By todays standards Joomla 1.0 was primative and hard to use but in 2005 it was nothing short of revolutionary.

Joomla AwardTwelve years later and Joomla is still leading the CMS market and has been voted Best Free CMS again in 2017 (ahead of Wordpress which came second).  At Websites With Purpose we have been building Joomla websites since 2005 and our achievements over that time include:

  • Simple landing pages
  • Corporate Information Pages
  • Email Marketing capture pages
  • Multilingual sites (English, Italian and Arabic)
  • Directory Websites
  • Subscription Based Training Sites
  • Event Management Websites
  • Car Rental Websites
  • Online booking websites
  • Ecommerce websites of up to 45,000 products
  • Joomla - Netsuite Integration
  • Joomla - TrueERP Integration
  • Joomla Mobile Apps

Joomla has proved to be easy to rank on Google, easy for users to maintain, secure (when kept up to date) and extremely flexible.

Joomla 3.8 is a far cry from the primitive CMS launched in 2005.  It has evolved from a simple CMS into a full development platform that is only as limited as the imagination of the developers who transform businesses with it.  Unfortunately over the years some website "developers" jumped from Joomla to popular DIY style website builders to churn out quick and easy graphically pleasing sites rather than expand their skills to meet the needs of more sophisticated online businesses.  If you have an "orphan" site that is not being maintained we are happy to help.  Just email us or call on 0414 909 759.


Car Park Booking System

Airport Carpark Booking

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Click and Collect Website

ecommerce websites

eCommerce Website

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Appointment Bookings

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