QR Codes help you get the most from print advertising


Qrcodes were almost unheard of in Australia just 12 months ago but today they are showing up in print advertising for everything from groceries to automobiles and houses. For the uninitiated, a QR Code is a 2D barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone and can contain information like calendar entries, Email, contact information, phone numbers, MMS/SMS messages, hyperlinks, and text. One of the most common uses is to store the url of a webpage containing far more information than can be fit into a typical print ad.

qr codesThis is a great way to get the most from your print ad spending. Using a CMS website you can quickly create a page with as much detail and imagery as you want, create a QR Code containing the URL and including that QR Code in your print ad. You can even point the QR Code to a picture gallery or video.

QR Codes can be included in any print medium such as your business cards or stationery.  There are tools now available that automatically create a QR Code for every page in your Joomla website.




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