Marketing Your Business - Don't Forget the Proven Marketing Channels

Is your business suffering from constantly chasing the "next big thing"? 

So often I see businesses spending time and money chasing the latest social media trend, in itself not a bad thing, unless it is at the expense of dumping proven and profitable marketing channels.  Why would you dump a profitable marketing channel to chase an unproven one?

Email Marketing

MailchimpEmail marketing is to my mind still one of the most powerful marketing channels for any business and the first strategy any business should look at is building a list.  Email marketing the most direct, cheapest and controllable marketing strategy I can imaging. No other platform produces results as consistently and yet many businesses have abandoned their email marketing in the pursuit of the perfect social media strategy.  Platforms like MailChimp are cheap, in fact until your list exceeds 2000 it is actually *free!  It provides all of the list management tools you need including integration to all major cms platforms and the reporting is first rate.  You can create attractive emails and newsletters using free templates or create your own quickly and easily.

Television is Cheaper than You Think

TV Advertising Gold coastTV advertising is another often under valued channel.  Apparently if a marketing channel is not "online" it is no longer trendy but TV still works.  Consider that Free TV is now viewed on Televisions, computers, tablets and even smartphones so the viewer base is huge.  Here on the Gold Coast you can advertise on popular shows on channels 9, 7 and 10 for well under $60 per 15 second slot.  I know of one company currently paying $36 per click on AdWords who hadn't even considered TV Advertising as a possible option. 

You can download here a sample advertising schedule and budget we created for one of our clients. 

Don't undervalue old media and old marketing channels.  They may not be as trendy, but they can still make you a lot of money.


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