Taking Bookings Online

This could be your number one tool for increasing business

Jaguar National RallyAfter 16 years of building business websites, we have found that for many businesses the number one method for increasing business is have the ability for taking bookings online.  We analysed all of the customer feedback we've received over the years and this is the one thing that got the most positive response.

"the two months since the booking system went live have been our best months ever"  

Whether your need is to book appointments, event registration, restaurant reservations, car park bookings or vehicle hire, your customers don't want to be restricted by your trading hours.  If a potential customer realises at 11pm that they need to book an appointment for your service, they want to act immediately and make that booking.  If they can't do it on your website or mobile app at 11pm, they are likely to make the booking with your competion rather than wait until you are ready to take their phone call.

"thanks to the appointment booking system, for the first time in three years I have spent an entire Sunday with my family instead of preparing the coming weeks calender"

Every business is different but we have experience building:

  • Appointment Booking Systems
  • Event Registration Systems
  • Traing Course Registration Systems
  • Car Park Booking Systems
  • Vehicle Storage Booking Systems
  • Boat Hire Booking Systems
  • Restaurant Reservation Systems

Boat Hire Bookingsand many more.  Online booking systems can also include payment gateways so that appointments and bookings are paid for in advance saving you time at "checkin" and potentially improving your cashflow.

If you would like to discuss how taking bookings online might help your business grow, call Rod on 0414 909 759.

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