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Getting the most from Joomla with Video Tutorials

This area contains a number of user guides that I have written as well as some that I have copied from and enhanced with a focus on features used most heavily in websites developed by Websites With Purpose.  This includes user guides and video tutorials for extensions that I commonly use.

New guides and video tutorials are being added all the time so bookmark this page.  As well as Joomla tutorials there are also tutorials on commonly used tools such as Gimp.  Basically I create tutorials as I get requests from users.

There is a lot more information at and I would encourage Joomla fans to use that resource as well.  

Video Tutorial - Introduction Joomla 2.5 Administration Control Panel

In this video I introduce you to the Control Panel in the Joomla 2.5 back end.  Suitable for the novice.

Video Tutorial - How To Add an iContact Form to a Joomla Squeeze Page

Joomla is ideal for creating "squeeze pages" for online marketing.  This video shows you how to insert an iContact form into any Joomla page or position.


Video Tutorial - Podcast 1.5

How to add mp3 files to Podcast 1.5

Video Tutorial - Introduction to Gimp

In this video I show you how to use Gimp to edit your images down to a size suitable for the web.  Suitable for the novice.

Video Tutorial - AllVideos Reloaded


How to fix the Flash Player Error message in Google Chrome

 This video explains how to fix the Flash Player Error that incorrectly displays when viewing videos in Google Chrome.

Joomla User Types


Introduction to the Joomla 1.5 user access levels

Joomla has a lot of flexibility in allowing users access to write, edit and publish articles. In Joomla terminology an article is a page in your website. In other words, if you can use an email editor like Outlook Express you can publish pages to your website....but only if the Administrator gives you access.

Within Joomla there are various access levels that restrict who can add content or access restricted information such as a download page. The access levels are as follows:

Car Park Booking System

Airport Carpark Booking

click and collect website

Click and Collect Website

ecommerce websites

eCommerce Website

Boat Hire Booking System

BBQ Boat Hire Bookings

Online Appointment Setting System

Appointment Bookings

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