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  • Website Maintenance Core

    Website Maintenance Core

    The facts are frightening

    • 80% of Joomla and Wordpress websites are running outdated versions
    • 30000 websites are hacked EVERY DAY

    Yes, CMS's like Joomla and Wordpress are easily managed - but only if you have the time to do it.  The reality is, you have enough to do running your business without having to be a webmaster as well.  But the cost of NOT monitoring and promptly updating your website can be huge, both in the cost of repairing or replacing the website, but also in the damage to your reputation.

    Never fear. We will monitor your website daily for platform and extension updates, and keep it current so you can focus on your business.

    BONUS - we will also provide up to 30 minutes of support each month which is valued at $49.50 by itself

    We have invested in the monitoring tools to allow us to look after your site for less than the cost of doing it yourself! 

    From just $52 per month we will take the worry out of your website ownership.


    *$52pm if prepaid for 12 moths, $57pm if prepaid for 6 months, $62pm if paid monthly


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