When consumers make a decision to make an appointment or booking, they want to do it NOW!  If they have to wait until your office is open, they will book elsewhere.

Your customers now expect to be able to make bookings online and you should have that facility on your website.


Take Events Bookings Online

Online Booking Management For Any Event

Jaguar National Rally RegistrationWhether you are running a one off event, or multiple repeat events, online booking and registration management is a must.  It saves you time, money and reduces stress.

Lets face it, your target attendees don't want to waste time downloading registration forms, filling them out by hand and then trying to scan and return them.  If this is the only option you offer them, most simply won't bother.  Registration should be easy, stress free and fast, even for users who are not computer literate.

Jaguar National Rally Online Registration

When the Jaguar Drivers Club of Queensland won the right to host the 2016 Jaguar National Rally their was concern that an online registration process would not be well received by a predominately older, non-computer literate target market.  We provided a simple, easy to use online registration process that was embraced by the Jaguar Drivers around Australia and greatly contributed to the success of the rally.  Registrants were able to nominate which events they wished to attend within the rally, register as individuals or take advantage of family pricing.  At the end of the quick registration process they were able to pay online and received all of the details of their registration via email.

Lymphoedema Academy of Australia Training Course BookingsTraining Event Booking

The Lymphoedema Academy of Australia runs multi day training courses around Australia with a strictly limited number of attendees at each course.  They needed to be able to manage numbers, venues and both online and offline payments for multiple courses simultaneously and selected Websites With Purpose to partner with them to develop a course registration system.  Feedback from users that they registration process is so easy was an added bonus.

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